Call Forward

We offer telephone or fax dedicated lines that can forward* to any telephone number or fax worldwide and in some countries we also offer toll free lines that transfer.
These numbers will divert your calls to your mobile phone or your landline (office, home, etc) anywhere in the world without any detection. Answer your calls yourself as if you were sitting at your desk in these cities.
* Additional call forward-transfer fees apply at .07 cents per minute. Prices include a $40 call transfer deposit for 1 yr term and $20 all transfer deposit for a 6 month term.


Price in USD

6 month call forward: $250 Order
1 year call forward: $400 Order

We offer 100’s of cities in the UK for call forward as well as toll free numbers. You can use the order form to place your order and request a city or send us a message with our contact form. Contact Us